Preclinical NASH Model

Accelerate your NASH drug discovery and development programs with our NASH model.

We use our unique human hepatocyte model to design and implement in vitro studies to generate data that our clients have used to inform their NASH drug discovery and development strategies. Our collaborations have helped our clients:

In our NASH drug discovery and development collaborations we have worked with compounds that have various mechanisms of action. Our experience includes drugs that modulate bile acids and bile acid signaling pathways.

Our validated model, using Transporter Certified™ hepatocytes under B-CLEAR® conditions, has fully characterized bile acid synthesis, metabolism, regulation, and disposition. We have demonstrated that our model is superior to conventional suspended and plated hepatocyte models, and to in vivo rodent models in predicting efficacy for drugs that modulate bile acids and toxicity in humans.

In the presence of a test article, our model integrates relevant hepatic interactions:

Our extensive project experience in NASH includes studies with the following study objectives:

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